24 September 2018

Error MSB3027 Could not copy "obj\Debug\netcoreapp2.1\ to "bin\Debug\netcoreapp2.1\

Could not copy "obj\Debug\netcoreapp2.1\ to "bin\Debug\netcoreapp2.1\

Have you experienced this error when you're trying to rebuild your application?

It looks like the IIS Express is "locking" the output when debugging the same project.

My initial solution was to wait for some time and close some running applications, then tried to rebuild again.

I worked for sometime, then same thing happened again when I tried to rebuild the application.

But when I finally close the Visual Studio and opened the same project and build it, it worked fine with no issue.

So far, that's my quick and easy way to resolve the issue. I'll try to update this post when I found a better approach in solving this problem.

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